This is a collection of some of our members’ tutorials and our favorite links to other PC artists’ work, projects, and sites. Browse and enjoy!

“15 Minutes of Fame” presentations

Members’ favorite Polymer Clay related sites

Canes and Millefiori

  • Layl’s How a Cane is Built
  • Donna Kato’s tips on Conditioning, Color mixing, Tool tips, Techniques, Safety and Storage.
  • Barbara McGuire’s video on building a Dragonfly Wing cane, including how to design a cane from pictures of an item

Color Mixing

  • Color Mixing chart for Kato Polyclay
  • Shades of Clay page on color mixing with Kato Polyclay and Concentrates
  • A Pinterest board on color mixing recipes- this is a serious collection of links for lots of clay types (Pardo, Fimo, Premo, and Kato at least)!
  • If you want to know how to mix the newest popular colors for a given season & year, the Crafts by Chris site has mixing directions for sale for Premo and Kato clay.

Faux Techniques

Image Transfer and Decoupage


  • Barbara McGuire’s YouTube video on custom bails for polymer clay

Liquid Polymer Clay (Kato Liquid Polyclay (KLP), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS))

  • Scupley’s tutorial page on TLS
  • See above for the Image Transfers tutorial from Willowbird Studios

Mica Shift


  • to be filled in!

Mokume Gane

  • Barbara McGuire’s free YouTube video on Gold Leaf Mokume Gane is a wonderful taste of what you can see in her full DVD.
  • There are many, many more tutorials and pages about this technique out there that use a lot of different approaches. This Pinterest page of mokume gane images is a great place to start!

PensClear medium + Gel pen bead


  • to be filled in!

Skinner Blend

  • Donna Kato’s Techniques pages
  • Sculpey Institute’s tutorial on Skinner BlendsHGTV Business Card Holder

Stamping and Molds


  • Polymeri Online blog post on things you can do with a clay gun (June 2008)

Vessels and Objects

  • HGTV project for a clay inro box / necklace by Emi Fukushima

Other Stuff