Meeting Details

We begin each meeting with a discussion of old and new guild business:

  • Show and Tell among the members
  • “15 Minutes of Fame” demonstration
  • committee reports
  • activities (community forum, exhibitions, demonstrations, etc.)
  • announcements (classes, clay sales, resources)

Then we wrap up with Hints and Tips from members.

Benefits of Membership

As a Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota member, individuals:

  • are eligible to participate in guild exhibitions and sales events
  • take advantage of guild-negotiated discounts
  • receive permission to check out materials from the Textile library
  • can attend meetings, receive monthly minutes and access our Google Group Content

Other Guild Activities

Guild members gather monthly for clay plays and meetings, participate in the Bottles of Hope and Beads of Courage programs, and participate in exhibitions. See the Events and Activities page for more information.

Mission and Goals

The Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote polymer clay as an art form and to share our knowledge and ideas with others who love working with polymer clay. The guild’s objectives are to provide a forum for members to share their expertise and educate the public, promoting interest in the use of polymer clay as an artistic medium by:

  • Exhibiting polymer clay work in galleries, art centers and other display venues
  • Demonstrating clay techniques at public events
  • Teaching techniques through public service opportunities
We do this in a safe, respectful and welcoming environment.

About Our Logo

Our logo is designed to reflect both the process and the products of polymer clay. It incorporates square and circle shapes to indicate the method of transforming a firm square of new clay into a ball of “conditioned” clay which can then be formed into elements for use in the making of innumerable artistic creations. The primary tool is our pair of hands. The checkerboard and the stylized flower shape represent the many loaf designs, millefiori patterns and pictures that are formed into canes for slicing. Out of squares, balls, and designed elements emerge beads, buttons, boxes, books, dolls, jewelry, vessels, wall plaques and decorations of all kinds. The logo was hand-drawn and hand- lettered. Working with polymer clay is a hands-on experience.