A curious siamese

Art has always been a part of my life even though it was many years before I finally began to find my own path. Color, texture, and patterns intrigue me for hours as I consider a diverse range of sources for ideas – one day it will be a thundering waterfall through the ice on a sunny spring day, while the next it will be a collection of antique Japanese textiles. I think I got this from being allowed to play in my mother’s art studio as a kid. Give me a pair of scissors, things to cut and something to put them on and I would be quiet all afternoon!

While I began in more traditional textiles such as quilting, knitting and crochet, I have been exploring polymer clay since 2003 as well. It has been both a forgiving and an exacting medium for me as I figure out what truly expresses my intentions. It teases me endlessly as I try different styles of clay work, so I cover a  broad range of techniques across my pieces. Come visit our studio at #155 Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis, or see my blog and more of my work at tiglioarts.com!

Working in clay is a passion for me as it seems to always present new challenges and ideas. The Guild adds to that stimulation as each month I get to see new work and hear from others what they have learned, are doing or struggling with, or see their latest pride and joy. This is a group that laughs, always has something to say, is very open to new people, thoughts and ideas, and is supportive and accepting. Members can be as active as they want, including opportunities to show their work and demonstrate their skills. It is a wonderful place to grow!

Cat wall ornament - modeled after Bunsen